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2017-04-17 16:22作者:h88
  Directions:For this part, you are supposed to write a composition of about 100 -120 wordsbased on the following situation. Remember to write it clearly.
  假设你是Matt Hand,在报上看到一则招聘广告,正符合你的情况,于是写信求职。广告要点:
  1073,Green Street
  March l0,2012
  P.O.Box 2035
  Clare Corporation,Ltd.
  Dear Sirs,
  I read your advertisement in yesterday’S paper.I think I am the best person fit for the position.
  I'm 23 years old.I graduated from Boston University two years ago.My major at university was computer engi—neering.After graduation l worked as a computer engineer in a big company for two years.Now I have enough expe-fience in this field.And I'm very interested in it.
  I like sports and I am in good health.I like hard work.I’m sure I can do your iob well if I can become a member of your company.
  I'm looking forward to your reply.
  Very sincerely yours,
  Matt Han