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2017-04-17 16:20作者:h88
  Directions:For this part, you are supposed to write a composition of about 100 -120 words based on the following situation. Remember to write it clearly.
  As everybody knows that the traffic problems in ourcity become more and more serious. During the rush-hours every morning and afternoon, the roads are verycrowded. There are traffic jams almost on every mainroad. The accident rate becomes higher than before. Ithink that it is high time for the city government to takesome measures to solve this problem.
  First of all, we should repair the roads, for some ofthe roads are in bad condition and it is difficult for thedrivers to go through. Secondly, we should build more overpasses so as to cut down traffic jams. Thirdly,the pro-duction of cars should be controlled, for there are toomany cars moving on the roads every day. As long as wedo something like this, the traffic problem will be solvedor at least the accident rate will be lowered. I do hope ourgovernment will accept my suggestions.